Low Code / No Code and Citizen Development

Low-code or no-code development is the creation of applications software using graphic user interfaces or minimal basic code instead of large strings of complex coding. This term is often used to describe citizen development processes and technology. Low-code and no-code technology provides visual drag-and-drop or point-and-click user interfaces, making them easy for anyone to use.

How to incorporate Citizen Development in your organizatin's program/project management and solution development toolkit.


Take the suitability assessment. Take the suitability assessment to determine if citizen development is the right approach for your entire project or just parts of it.

This solution requires little/no custom coding.
Score: Not at all = 0, Somewhat = 1, Very much so = 2

The cost of this solution is favorable in comparison with alternatives.
Score: Not at all = 0, Somewhat = 1, Very much so = 2

This solution will require regular and/or quick customization.
Score: Not at all = 0, Somewhat = 1, Very much so = 2

There are capacity constraints within the IT team preventing them from delivering this solution in the required time frame.
Score: Not at all = 0, Somewhat = 1, Very much so = 2

Our team is open to learning and using citizen development application platforms.
Score: Not at all = 0, Somewhat = 1, Very much so = 2

The citizen development approach is less disruptive to the customer.
Score: Not at all = 0, Somewhat = 1, Very much so = 2

Using citizen development matches the strategic direction of the organization.
Score: Not at all = 0, Somewhat = 1, Very much so = 2

How to score assessment:
0: A low score may suggest that citizen development isn’t the ideal solution.There would need to be a compelling reason to utilize citizen development.
7: You know your organization best. Middle scores are best interpreted with your organization in mind but, in general, we suggest that ciizen developmen is a good fit.
14: If your app is scoring on the higher end, it’s perfect for citizen development.


Check in with your IT department. Determine if your organization already has access to low-code or no-code technology. Examples include Microsoft PowerApps and Salesforce Lightning.


Connect with us as a Citizen Development Partner.


Make a plan. We qill create a plan to assess, hold an ideation session, or have a team member start building if it's a fast track project.

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