9/29/2020 - Why all companies need an online privacy strategy

Privacy challenges that companies still face in 2020.

It's time to form an online privacy strategy even if your company's product has never been sold online, writes Punit Bhatia of Ek Advisory. In addition to actions related to COVID-19, Bhatia also recommends reviewing data transfers from the EU in light of a new court ruling and mitigating risks caused by employees working remotely.


9/22/2020 - Consumer Group Sues Zoom

Zoom accused of misleading consumers about its data security.

A nonprofit consumer group is suing Zoom Video Communications, accusing the popular videoconferencing platform of giving users "a false sense of security." Consumer Watchdog filed the lawsuit in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, alleging that Zoom violated D.C.'s Consumer Protection Procedures Act


9/9/2020 - News from ISACA SmartBrief

National agencies warn of surge of Emotet malware.

Email-based attacks using the Emotet malware have been surging in Japan, New Zealand and France, prompting warnings from the nations' cybersecurity agencies. Since it was introduced in 2014, Emotet has grown from its simple roots as a banking Trojan to a versatile pest that can be deployed as a spambot, information stealer or downloader.